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Poolians Real Pool 3D

Poolians is a free online pool and snooker game with tons of cool features: 1
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17 February 2012

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The game of pool is one of the most mesmerizing and addictive game we have played in clubs and pubs, often challenging our friends as well as unknown people we meet there. Now a pool table is too costly to afford it at everyone’s home, more over its not feasible for you to go to pub every all the time to just to play pool. In such situations Poolians Real Pool 3D 1.04 is the ultimate solution one can look for. Poolians Real Pool is a foremost social network that is entirely dedicated to all pool gamers. This gaming software will make you feel that you actually are playing the games not in your computer but in real.

Poolians Real Pool 3D 1.04 offers a variety of pools and snooker titles in the internet, where you are challenged by thousands of pool freaks from all across the globe. The entire interface looks to be very user friendly and any beginner can move through it effortlessly. You can improve your skills in the training sessions before challenging all the players you meet online. This Pooling software has got numerous features that can win every pool lover’s heart. If you are an expert player and want some serious game, this game offers the 3D edition and if you want to play casual games it provides 2D edition. It supports various games like snooker, mini-snooker, 3-ball, 9-ball and many more. Like any social sites it also provides various functions like messenger, buddy list, gifts for your friends etc. You can play as teams and in pub mode where you can indulge 6 people for on one table in a single game. Every day nearly 10 different types of tournaments are held for your interests.

The majestic graphics and tremendous sound effects plus the realistic controls of the game make it come alive. We rate this game at four points on account of its exciting graphics and easy controls.

Publisher's description

Poolians is a free online pool and snooker game with tons of cool features:1. Realistic controls, graphics and sound effects. 2. 3D edition for serious players and 2D edition for casual players.3. Powerful in-game social functions: buddy list, messenger, gifting and more.4. Supports 3-ball, 8-ball, 9-ball, 15-ball, Blackjack, 14+1, killer, snooker and mini-snooker.5. Supports team play and pub mode which allows 6 people playing in one table at the same time.6. More than 10 types of prized tournaments are being held every day.
Poolians Real Pool 3D
Poolians Real Pool 3D
Version 1.04
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